Friday, March 9, 2012

God’s Laws Have a Purpose

God’s laws were designed to promote godly and healthy patterns of behavior in our phases of courtship, marriage and sex. Incidentally, that is God’s order. God chose sex to remain inside of the realm of marriage for a reason. As common as premarital sex has become today, it is not God’s plan because it robs the relationship of stability, devotion and fulfillment. God chose sex to remain inside the boundary of marriage because it belongs to a relationship where there is love, commitment and faithfulness. Today we are seeing a full assault on our morality by the government, academia and the media.

New rules from the office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, just released, now reward illegal immigrants with everything from government-sponsored abortions to transgender hormone treatments. When I see the government take action such as this, I am convinced that this administration will stop at nothing to fulfill its agenda, which happens to be an all-out attack on our biblical morality.

Medical professionals today are fixated on the topic of sex and sexuality. I can hardly pick up a professional journal that doesn’t contain articles on “sexuality” or “transgendered kids.” In a recent issue of the medical journal Pediatrics, parents are attacked as contributing to the pathologies of their kids by not being open to their sexuality. These professionals are preaching that young children can self-identify as “transgendered” and parents and physicians should treat them with hormone therapy to suppress puberty until sex-change surgery becomes possible. In California the court has recently upheld this hormone treatment as necessary and in the interest of the child.

This child abuse is being held as enlightened wisdom. There are doctors and psychologists who are more than willing to experiment with puberty-suppressing drugs for children. It’s time to stand up for our children and our families by recognizing when we are being fed lies.

We all know that our children have wonderful imaginations. My boys were both Superman and Zorro, but I never encouraged them to jump out of buildings or defy the laws of gravity. They outgrew those childhood imaginative states just as our kids outgrow any questions about their sexuality.

It is the world’s idea that transgender will become normal, and many unsuspecting parents are being fooled into accepting the idea. I, for one, accept God’s laws. God made boys to be boys and girls to be girls. I reject the idea that sexuality is fluid and changeable. Those people who are telling us our kids can be either are playing God with our most precious possession—our kids. [i]


[i] Rebecca Hagelin, Culture Challenge of the Week: Gender Confusion, 3.8.12

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