Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Constitution

The date was July 2, 1787, the Revolutionary War had been won, and the Newburg Conspiracy had been put to rest, but no consensus could be reached on the Constitution. There had been many snags along the way in the creation of the noble document, but none as controversial as the large state versus small state debate. The large states, such as Virginia, Massachusetts, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, North Carolina, and South Carolina, argued that the large states should have a larger voice than the smaller states, such as Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, and New York. Though all had agreed on one house being represented by population, they disagreed that they should all be equal in the other house.

Though it had taken four very difficult months to hammer out an agreement, it finally happened. Each state would have equal representation in the Senate by having two senators, and in the House they would be represented by population. The whole design of the three branches and the distribution of power was an incredible proposal. On September 17, 1787, the Constitution was signed first by George Washington, then Alexander Hamilton and then the respective delegates, and later it was ratified by the state legislatures. Washington said this was nothing short of a miracle that this document was created and agreed upon and ratified. I think most of us Americans would agree with him.

This unique form of government has survived 238 years and has been modeled in countries all over the world. It is an experiment that has proved to be effective as long as there is respect for the Constitution. If there was ever a day that we should be concerned about the preservation of our Constitution, it is today. This incredible document has guided our country through some of the darkest times and has proved to be trustworthy. Today, however, it is being disregarded by the executive branch. On multiple occasions the Supreme Court has ruled that the executive branch has continued to overstep its authority and has disregarded the Constitution. When an administration disregards the rule of law, we are no longer safe- guarded by our system of government, no matter how brilliant its design.

My prayer is that we Americans will be vigilant to the loss of our liberties and the flagrant trespasses the government commits in regard to the law it is bound to uphold. We need God’s intervention to preserve our liberties.

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