Thursday, July 7, 2016

Freedom Is a Precious Thing

The freedom that we have enjoyed in this country for 240 years is a precious thing. The founding of our country was a marvelous thing—the history, the war of independence and the founding documents.  The Declaration of Independence is a masterpiece of writing. It declares our freedom to the King of England and all the world. Later, the founders wrote a constitution that was crafted with incredible skill and foresight. Congress and the president approved it, and it was ratified by the colonies. It took decades for the Constitution to be fully understood and implemented and especially appreciated for what it is.  It not only became the framework for our freedom, but has also been a model for constitutions all over the world.

I have difficulty with people who have deliberately tried to ignore or diminish our Constitution. The Dred Scott v. Sandford decision in 1857 was an example of blatant disregard for the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. President Barack Obama has shown us in the last 7 ½ years that he despises the Constitution and does not respect the founders of this country. Though he has not openly said that, his actions clearly support that position. He has shown unparalleled disregard for the law in his choosing to ignore laws he doesn’t like and supporting laws he likes.  He and his administration have rewritten laws, a job reserved only for Congress.  Incidentally, Barack Obama has prospered in his agenda because Congress has refused to do its job.  He has accumulated debt during his two terms that surpasses the debt of all the other presidents combined, and Congress has been complicit in this crime.

He has allowed and even encouraged illegal immigration and has gone so far as to take taxpayer money and give it to them by the billions. Now he is bringing Muslim immigrants from countries with ties to terrorism with no thought to the security of our nation. He has crammed the transgender laws down the throat of the nation while terrorist attacks are taking place in this country. He has shown a contempt for Christianity on every level from forcing nuns to pay for abortions to making California churches pay for the killing of unborn children through their insurance premiums. He has demanded crosses be taken down where he speaks while saying that the sound of the Muslim call to prayer is the sweetest sound on earth. He has punished members of the military for practicing their faith.

He has shown distain for our ally Israel while giving away the bank to the Muslims. He is fighting for a divided Jerusalem and a return of the 1967 borders for Israel. Our taxpayer money still funds the Hamas run Palestinian Authority. There is no doubt that Barack Obama does not appreciate the freedom we have enjoyed nor does he appreciate the freedom Israel enjoys. This president is no friend of freedom, and I for one pray for his term to be over and for the next president to be a person who loves freedom and appreciates our founding documents.

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