Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A Mother’s Legacy

God made the bonding that happens between a mother and her child. The impact of that mother-child bonding is absolutely incredible. She lovingly meets the needs of the child and soothes and calms the baby in a way no other person can do (just ask dad). During this infant stage the child learns the mother’s voice and responds to it in significant ways. This bond that gives security and love becomes the foundation for stable adult life for that child. The children who are denied this incredible experience suffer any number of adverse effects throughout their life. Even the child’s brain develops at a faster rate and becomes more active with the maternal interactions of bonding. The personality of the child becomes more defined and blossoms. Mothers, you are indispensable.

This was my first Mother’s Day to not have my mother since she passed away last year. I realize that I have many traits from my father, such as his emphasis on responsibility, industry, faithfulness and a host of other admirable characteristics. However, my love for people and my boldness and desire to help people came from my mother. She certainly had her imperfections, but loving her family and putting them first wasn’t one of them.

My mother also knew when to let her kids go and encourage them to follow their own dreams. I remember when I was seventeen, my mother had taken to me to catch a Greyhound bus bound for Los Angeles, California and eventually on to Guyana, South America for two months. As the bus pulled away, I could see her in the car fighting her tears. That two months changed my life, and I am grateful for a mother who let me go and prayed for God’s will in my life.

My mother is now with Jesus, but her legacy lives on in my life and in my children. I am thankful to God for a wonderful mother and that my wife has been that same kind of mother to our children. If we ever needed mothers in this country, it is today. Your role in our society and in our culture is essential. You are wanted; you are needed, and we love you.

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