Thursday, January 12, 2012


Welcome to my blog! Thanks for taking the time to share some of my thoughts. I use this blog to articulate my values and beliefs and to share some personal notes. I love what I do as a pastor, but the reason I do what I do is driven by my passion to communicate Biblical truth. In many ways I am unique as a pastor and communicator because I feel compelled to share my views on important cultural and political issues. Many pastors refuse to do that because they are afraid someone might be offended. That is simply not the case with me. I can't live with myself if I don't step up and speak to issues that are extremely important to me, such as life, marriage, family, independence and hard work—just a few of the issues I write about here. I will be critical of the media, the culture, and of government when I believe they are in opposition to Biblical truth. I am old enough to know what I believe and strong enough to let the reader know. 

I have been very blessed with a wonderful wife and three beautiful children. My children all married incredible spouses, and Marilyn and I have four of the greatest grandchildren on the face of the earth. I know how much work is involved in making marriage successful and raising a family, but it is worth every effort. The joy and reward I receive from my family is indescribable. Thanks again for visiting my blog. I look forward to your visits. God bless you richly!                                       

                                                                     Pastor Boyd

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